Tulle socks with lateral crinkled insert
TS-5 V.d

Lace socks with tulle insole
TS-4 V.c

Tulle rear insert sport top with coloured seams

Ankle strap footies socks
SP-5 V.b

Footies socks with front lace insert
SP-4 V.a

Socks with front opening
SM-6 V.a

Socks with crinkled tulle
SM-3 V.c

Socks with detailed tulle
SM-3 V.b

Fishnet guêpière with elastic band
RT-7 V.a

Fishnet tights with ruffle and tapes

Double tape suspenders belt in tulle
RC-4 V.b

Tulle inserts suspenders belt in lace
RC-2 V.d

Garter with smooth ruffle
RC-1 V.a

Short pants with lateral stripe

Mesh inserts crop pant with coloured seams

Crinkled crop pant

Seamless tights with logo band
NL-25 V.d

Seamless tights with cross ruffle on hip
NL-25 V.c

Tights with lace fabric on knee
NL-21 V.a

Footless tights with satin and lateral clips

Footless tights with eyelets and organza

Footless tights with hole

Tights with lateral stripe
NL-14 V.a

Guêpière with hooks, fabric and elastic band

Guêpière with frill
NL-9 V.a

Cross over hip two pieces sexy tights
NL-7 V.b

Sexy tights with lace cross over hip
NL-7 V.a

Sexy tights with lace insert on the bodice

Sexy tights with rear opening
NL-5 V.b

Sexy tights with front and back opening
NL-4 V.a

Mesh inserts leggings with coloured seams
LG-10 V.d

Leggings with applications

Leggings with visible back elastic

Leggings with two fabrics and rip

Leggings with lace insert
LG-5 V.e

Leggings with lateral paillettes insert
LG-5 V.b

Leggings with lateral stripe
LG-5 V.a

Leggings with lateral zipper
LG-3 V.e

Leggings with lateral rip and lace
LG-3 V.d

Sport leggings with coloured lines
LG-2 V.c

Basic leggings with band h.12
LG-2 V.b

Basic leggings with elastic h.5
LG-1 V.c

Bodysuit with lace inserts

Hold-up with automatic hook

Hold-up with ribbon frill
AR-7 V.b

Hold-up with high frill
AR-7 V.a

Hold-up with detailed frill

Hold-up garter effect

Guêpière in tulle fabric with elastic
AL-3 V.b

No rim tulle socks
ART. CAX02-8

Lace fabric knee highs with tulle base
ART. GAX03-2

Lace fabric knee highs with fishnet base
ART. GAX03-1

Tulle sartorial socks
ART. CAX02-5

Velvet sartorial socks with colour glitter print
ART. CAX07-2

Crinkled lace socks
ART. CAX03-10

Velvet sartorial socks with silver glitter print
ART. CAX02-6

Super soft elastic velvet sartorial socks
ART. CAX07-4

Sartorial socks in laminate fabric with camouflage motif
ART. CAX04-3

Sartorial socks in laminate fabric
ART. CAX04-1

Bicolour tulle socks
ART. CAX02-7

Crinkled tulle socks
ART. CAX02-9

Seamless fishnet suspenders and fishnet hold-ups
ART. RCJ01-01 / ART. ARJ01-01

Circular macro fishnet leggings
ART. PAJ01-1

Two-piece sexy tights with lace
ART. GUJ05-3

Sexy tights with lace on the waist
ART. GUJ05-1

Sexy tights with heart-shaped opening
ART. GUJ05-2

Fishnet tights with comfortable insole
ART. COJ01-1

Tights in lace fabric with back line
ART. COX03-2

Lace footies socks with cotton insole
ART. SCX03-1

Tulle footies socks with lace
ART. SCX02-4

Lace footies socks with viscose insole
ART. SCX02-3

Footies socks finished with lace and satin ribbon
ART. SCX02-3