Quality in the first place

During 30 years of experience we have built and improved our suppliers selection standards: we verify their manufacturing system and their materials, preferring the “made in Italy” brand. All our products, hold-ups, tights, socks, leggings and bodysuits, are created and finished to offer the best comfort and design for our clients needs. Each project is different, as much as everyone is. Our quality is your choice.


In Italy we look for suppliers up to our standards. The High Mantua region has been recognized as one of the most important tights, suspenders and hold-ups production area. It’s populated by a thick fabric of small/medium-sized enterprises and it’s full of handmade traditions passed down from one generation to another.


Our quality survey begins with our suppliers company history knowledge and carries on with our market feedback. Nothing is left to chance. Thanks to our particular methods we guarantee top safety measures on all materials, also saving a considerable amount of time, which is an important aspect for companies in the fashion industry with very quick production cycles.


When our clients submit a project to us, we take on their requirements and we select the most appropriate suppliers for their needs. Our partners can supply us with a variety of their materials with some specific quality certifications on colour and production materials.

The importance of the “made in Italy”

With a very long tradition in hosiery we have directed our partners and suppliers research to Italy and specifically towards the High Mantua area, where we have been working passionately for decades. We believe the “made in Italy” product is a guarantee of quality and transparency in our industry also thanks to the new regulations aimed to protect its origin and production.