Artisanal tights production
in private label

with 30 years of experience in the tight production sector, MTM is the ideal partner for the creation of artisanal refinished products, made with ultimate generation machines. We provide to our clients full services designed on your professional needs. We work with threads/yarn and fabrics of handpicked companies, and we produce high quality tights, socks, leggins, bodysuites, garters and hold ups in private label.

sewing service
for private labels

MTM offers you various processing and seams in private label in order to realize original and high quality products. This is possible thanks to the experience in the sector, an assembling department composed only by various production machines and our qualified staff.

  • 4 needles tights with dowel assembling
  • one piece tights assembling (no seams tights)
  • assembling sanitary articles
  • 2 needles, 4 needles and cutting and sewing ruffle applications
  • 2 needles tights’ rubber band application with flat ring closure
  • thong trussing
  • lace’s tights and panty cutted and sewed
  • thong trussing, chains and every kind of trussing
  • label application with joist
  • Ribbons, buttons, studs, rosettes and other accessories finishing
  • Ribbons, buttons, studs, rosettes and other accessories finishing
  • Thermo-adhesive applications such as CARTINE, flock, pearls, rhinestones etc
  • guepiere streap panty and sexy tights finishing
  • tights, sock, knee-high sock, fishnet and patterned sock, SANETTE finishing
  • cut and sew


To guarantee a complete service, we personally verify all the phases of the knitwear production. We propose static or complete controls , according to the client needs.